SSFA Speech Contest for High School Students

  • Date & time: Sat Oct 20 14:00 PM
  • Location: Miller Branch Library 9421 Frederick Rd. Ellicott City, MD 21042

Speech Topic

What challenges have you face as a Korean-American? How have these experiences affected the way you view and interact with both cultures?

Length of Speech

no less than four (4) minutes and no more than five (5) minutes. Penalty points will be deducted from the contestant’s score for violation of time constraints.

Speech Delivery

Note reference cards can be used during the speech but speech may not be read. Memorization of speech is encouraged.

Scoring Criteria

  • Opening – Is the opening dynamic, commanding immediate audience attention?
  • Content – has a clear, effective theme with supporting examples to support the main theme.
  • Organization – The talk is well organized with an orderly presentation of premise, content, and conclusion.
  • Delivery – The delivery is entertaining, enlightening, and interesting with effective and correct use of the English language.
  • Overall Reaction – Consider the overall presentation, speakers poise, and effectiveness of speech in leaving the audience with a message, and the general impact – Speaker, Speech, and Delivery.

Preliminary & Finals

  • Please email your written speech and a registration form to or register online here by october 7, 2018. (preliminary)
  • Selected speech contestants will be heard on October 20, 2018 at 2PM. (Finals) The location will be at Miller Branch Library – 9421 Frederick Rd. Ellicott City, MD 21042.
  • Prizes will be as follows: 1st place - $750, 2nd place - $500, and 3rd place - $250. Selected speech contestants will also receive $50 gift cards.
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