The 2020 application acceptance cycle has ended.

Thank you to all those who applied and met the deadline. If you missed the deadline this year, please consider and apply to the program next year.

It was not easy for the reviewers to finalize the scholarship recipients' list as we received a tremendous number of applications from excellent students. On behalf of the scholarship material reviewers, I would like to congratulate all the Sejong Scholarship recipients this year. Facing the most challenging time of our lives during the pandemic, the reviewers wanted to find out how students are dealing with such challenges and making an effort to convert them to opportunities. Reading the essays, the reviewers found that most students suffered from loss of opportunities and difficulty adjusting to the new norms amid the pandemic. Despite the challenges, many students have exerted their best effort to manage through this crisis. More specifically, the reviewers were extremely impressed by a few students who proactively offered support and help for those who suffered more in their communities through various channels by sharing academic or professional knowledge and skillsets, participating in volunteer programs, and so on. These students are the hidden but true heroes of our society. We hope you do not cease your effort to explore more opportunities for yourself and your communities despite the current challenges, and we believe that all of you are capable of doing so. In closing, the reviewers wish you the best for your academic and professional journey in your life.

Apply for Sejong Scholarship 2020

Who can apply

  • A. High school students (both current and enrolled)
  • B. Undergraduate Students (both current and enrolled)
  • C. Graduate Students (both current and enrolled)
  • * A, B, C includes International Students

Scholarship Amount

  • $1,000 (Undergraduate/Graduate Students), $500 (High school students)

Essay topic:

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed people's life. It must have influenced you in many ways. What was the biggest challenge that you faced and what effort did you make to overcome or mitigate negative consequences? Also, how would you prepare to strengthen your competency to overcome the challenges in your future career? Please limit the length of the essay to 760 ~840 word count.

What to submit (by 10/23/2020, Fri)

  • Application (1)
  • The most recent unofficial Transcript (1)
  • Essay (1)
    * Letter 1-2 page
  • Letter of Recommendation (1)
  • Photo (1)
    * Passport photo size
  • Admission letter or Certificate of enrollment (1)
  • The most recent Tax Return Copy (form 1040) first 2 pages of parents (1)
    * the latest year
  • Resume, if you have any (1)
  • * Please provide 2 physical addresses (current and permanent), and 2 email addresses (school and personal)

Scholarship Schedules

  • Scholarship Results: 11/10/2020, Tue
  • Scholarship Award Ceremony:
    Online scholarship award ceremony via Zoom
    11/28/2020, Sat 2:00 PM

How to apply (online)

Submit application Online

* Please submit the following three (3) online applications:

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