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The 23th-year scholarships were awarded to 31 students at an award ceremony held at the Turf Valley Resorts and Conference.

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

King Sejong

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Founded in 1997, Sejong Scholarship Foundation in America (SSFA) has given scholarship funds to university students in need for the past two decades.
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Where do you see yourself in the future? Think about your loved ones, your community, and your dreams. Show us what you would like your life to be when you grow up!

Call for Application for the 2023 SSFA Scholarship Application

Call for Application for the 2023 SSFA Scholarship Application

10/20/2023 (Fri) by 5pm (ET)

Full-time students who are currently enrolled in high school, colleges, and universities at undergraduate and graduate levels.


SSFA 2023 Scholarship Of Love Sponsorship Golf Invitation


“Let’s Instill Dreams And Hopes In The Next Generation” Golf competition sponsored by the Sejong Scholarship Foundation of America’s Scholarship of Love Sponsorship Golf Invitation

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