The 2019 application acceptance cycle has ended.

Thank you to all those who applied and met the deadline. If you missed the deadline this year, please consider and apply to the program next year.

Financial Disclosure

Recommendation : List two faculty members who best know your academic qualifications. One of the requirements may be a nonfaculty person who has know you for more than two years or a member of Board of Directors of Se-Jong Scholarship Foundation.
Name Address Position & Institution

Financial Information

Both income and expenses must be completed before the application can be considered. You must send tax return with completed your application.
Estimated Expenses for this school Estimated Income
Tuition and Fees $ Saving $
Books and Supplies $ Expected $
Housing $ Support from parent $
Food $ Grant $
Personal Items $ Work Study $
Transportation $ Scholarships $
Other Expenses $ Spouse's Income $
Other Income $
Total Expense $ Total Income $

Family Income Information

Father's Name Occupation Gross Annual Income $
Mother's Name Occupation Gross Annual Income $
Spouse's Name Occupation Gross Annual Income $
Name(s) and age(s) of person dependent on parent/spouse’s income
Name Age
If you are self supporting student, list name(s) and age(s) of dependents, if any
Name Age
* Please check each section of the scholarship application before sending. Also you must send this application with essay (English or Korean), which enclosed in form. We cannot process your application until we get the all correct information.
I certified that the best of my knowledge and belief, the information contained in this application is true and correct. I understand my responsibility to ensure that all supporting documents are clearly marked with my name and social security numbers and are postmarked by the dealine set by Se-Jong Scholarship Foundation of America, Inc
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I accept that I submit this financial disclosure on 7/13/2020.